Rhian Samuel – Light and Water (DXL 1128)



This collection of music by Rhian Samuel demonstrates her sensibility that in over thirty years of composing that identifies with a range of stimuli.

‘The Hare In the Moon’ is the competition winning work that proved an impetuts for the rest of her composing life, while Gaslight Square II illustrates American music as a notable influence. Welsh connections are found in the cellos pieces ‘Time out of Time’ and the piano quartet ‘Light and Water’ represents Samuel’s ‘London’ piece, written for the Fidelio Quartet recorded here.

Rhian Samuel – Light and Water (DXL 1128) Digital Booklet

Track List:

1. The Hare in the Moon

Time out of Time
2. Angels (i)
3. Mechanical Doll
4. ’Twixt Thee and Me
5. The Little Boat at its Moorings
6. Harmonium
7. Angels (ii)

A Garland for Anne
8. The Therapy of Moonlight
9. Vertigo
10. On going deaf
11. Morning
12. Four-and-a-half Dancing Men

13. Trinity at Low Tide
14. Without Me
15. Vertigo

Piano Quartet: Light and Water
16. Light through Water
17. Light above Water
18. Water above Light
19. Water through Light

20. Gaslight Square II

A beautiful collection of music by respected composer Rhian Samuel including chamber works, piano works and songs which demonstrate her sensibility  as a composer who has consistently identified with a range of stimuli, including  nature,  memory,  locality  (the Welsh-speaking land  of  her  childhood  in  particular)  and  lamentation.  This disc features sopranos Lucy Crowe and Joana Seara, pianists Simon Lepper, Chenyin Li and John Reid, Cellist Gemma Rosefield, Duo Antithesis and The Fidelio Piano Quartet among others.

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