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The spotlight falls on the HARP in this collection of chamber works from the Fibonacci Sequence. As one of the best loved instruments, the harp can evoke diverse musical emotions from the darkness of the Glinka to the joyous lightness of the Dussek. Ravel’s ‘Introduction and Allegro’ is the flagship work for harp – virtuosic and beautiful.

The year 2004 marks the tenth anniversary of The Fibonacci Sequence, now well established as one of the foremost chamber ensembles in Britain. Founded by the pianist Kathron Sturrock, The Fibonacci Sequence is composed of musicians of international repute, and distinguished by the variety and imagination of its programming which makes full use of the range and versatility of the chamber music repertoire.

The ensemble is named after Leonardo of Pisa, known as Fibonacci, a great mediaeval mathematician. The series of numbers named after him occurs throughout the natural world in the most extraordinary way, appearing as if by magic in petals of flowers, branches of trees, spirals, and many more complex ways. The relation of the numbers to each other is directly connected to the Golden Section, held by many to determine the most harmonious proportions in art and music.

Harp (DXL 1090) Digital Booklet

Track List:

1. An Evening in Georgia – Ippolitov-Ivanov
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and harp

2. Fantaisie Op. 124 – Saint-Saëns
violin and harp

Sonata Op. 34, No. 1 – Dussek
violin, cello and harp
3. Allegro brilliante
4. Andantino
5. Rondo

6. Der Zweifel – Glinka
violin, cello and harp

7. Elegiac Trio – Bax
flute, viola and harp

8. Introduction and Allegro – Ravel
flute, clarinet, harp, two violins, viola and cello

This evoking collection of chamber works from the Fibonacci Sequence focusing on one of the best loved instruments, the harp with the music of Ippolitov-Ivanov, Saint-Saëns, Glinka, Dussek, Bax as well as Ravel’s ‘Introduction and Allegro’  – the flagship work for harp.

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