About Us

Deux Elles studio image

Deux-Elles is an independent classical record label based in the UK. Founded in 1998 by Patrick Naylor and now run by Matt and Kate Wadsworth, Deux-Elles aims to produce recordings of distinction by bringing together its technical know-how with the musical vision of its artists and a lot of patience and careful work.

Our catalogue features artists who genuinely have something to say about the music. Many of our artists are highly established and respected musicians, who combine artistry of the highest calibre with deep understanding and often cutting-edge research. We also take pride in supporting musicians at the beginning of their careers, and we are not afraid to take a chance on projects that otherwise might be seen as a bit unusual.

The sound we aim to capture is engaging and exciting to listen to, with a sparkling “audiophile” quality that preserves the sense of scale, space and texture of the performance. To achieve this, we employ
minimal-path recording techniques and simple but carefully designed stereophonic microphone configurations. The vast majority of our recording and production is done in house, and we work closely with our artists at every stage of the process, to ensure that both the audio and the written content convey everything they have to offer to their listeners.