Music for the Queen of Scots (DXL 1144)



The Flautadors are known for their diverse programmes of music spanning over 800 years. They are continually expanding the repertoire for recorder quartet by arranging, commissioning and promoting new works that challenge the players and extend the technical boundaries of the instrument.

This CD takes the listener on a journey through the life of Mary, Queen of Scots and features 16th century Scottish gems, French renaissance dances and glorious polyphony performed on a beautiful consort of recorders made by Thomas Prescott.

The Flautadors are joined for this recording by the percussionist Corrina Silvester, who performs regularly in London’s west end theatre productions and is in much demand in the fields of classical, jazz, world and folk music.

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Music for the Queen of Scots (DXL 1144) Digital Booklet

Track List:

1) The Scotch Queen (Traditional)
2) Prince Edward’s Paven (Anon)
3) Departe, Departe (Anon)
4) Deux Bransles d’Ecosse (Thoinot Arbeau)
5) Première Suytte de Bransles d’Escosse (Etienne du Tertre)
6) La, la, la je ne l’ose dire Pierre Certon (Francisque Caroubel)
7) De tous biens playne (Hayne van Ghizeghem)
8) De tous biens playne (Alexandri Agricola)
9) Jouissance vous donneray (Antoine Gardane)
10) Jouissance vous donneray (Claudin de Sermisy)
11) Deus misereatur nostri – Psalm 67 (Robert Johnson)
12) Sanctus (Anon)
13) Psalm 1 (David Peebles)
14) Ane lesson upon the – First Psalme (Anon)
15) Psalm 113 (Anon)
16) Psalm 113 in reports (Goudimel)
17) Ane Exempill of Tripla (Anon)
18) Richt soir opprest (Anon)
19) Woe worth the tyme (Anon)
20) Paven (Anon)
21) Galliard (Anon)
22) A French Jigg (Tobias Hume)
23) Hutchesoun’s Galyiard (Hudson?)
24) The Last Time I Came over the Mure (Trad)
25) Lytill Blak (John Black)
26) Musick Fyne (John Black)
27) My Delyt (John Black)
28) The Golden Pavan (James Lauder)
29) The Queine of Ingland’s [Galliard] (Anon)
30) The Time of Youth (John Fethy)
31) Report upon “When shall my sorrowful sighing slack” (John Black)

UK’s leading recorder ensemble, The Flautadors present an intriguing collection of music that chronicles the life of Mary Queen of Scots.

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