Reverie (DXL 1174)



Lucy compiled this programme first and foremost to reflect the mood of Debussy’s letters (so not in strict cholonological order) and features popular piano works, ‘L’isle joyeuse,’ ‘Clair de lune’ and ‘Golliwog’s Cakewalk’ from The Childrens’ Corner Suite written for his beloved daughter, Claude-Emma (or Chouchou as he affectionately called her).

Debussy’s contribution to the piano repertoire and its development is immense but it was his also his masterpieces such as the Violin and Cello Sonatas, the Quartet, songs, orchestral works Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune and La Mer and the opera, Pelléas et Mélisande, that proved him to be so influential through his complex harmonic palettes and exploration of harmonic structure.
Debussy’s relationships with women were also complex. He had several affairs and two marriages.  The first to Lily Texier who tried to commit suicide, the second to Emma Bardac who, had also been mistress to Gabriel Fauré.

Acknowledged as one of Britain’s finest pianists, Lucy Parham applies her sensitivity and imagination not only to concertos and recitals, but also to portraits in words and music of such composers as Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and Debussy.

She came to public attention as the Piano Winner of the 1984 BBC Young Musician of the Year. Since her Royal Festival Hall concerto debut at age 16, she has played throughout the UK and around the globe. Lucy is also a regular contributor to BBC Music Magazine, Pianist Magazine and the Guardian and appears frequently on BBC Radio 3 and 4, as the commentator on the Leeds International Piano Competition and as a jury member for the final of Young Musician of the Year.

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CD 1
1)    Another man’s soul … (0:12)
2)    Rêverie  (4: 11)
3)    I too am at war …(4:16)
4)    Danse bohémienne (2:06)
5)    Well, it was the best … (3:42)
6)    Arabesque no. 1  (4:17)
7)    I left my parental home … (3 :11)
8)    La soirée dans Grenade (5:04)
9)    It was at around this time … (1:31)
10)    Pagodes (5:12)
11)    Music was responsible … (2:29)
12)    La fille aux cheveux de lin (2:46)
13)    Ernest Chausson and I  … (5:00)
14)    Jardins sous la pluie  (3:37)

1)    After that fateful day …  (1:24)
2)    Des pas sur la neige (3:33)
3)    When I wrote … (2:42)
4)    Reflets dans l’eau (5:27)
5)    We were happy … (2:28)
6)    Poissons d’or  (4:08)
7)    The better known … (2:16)
8)    Golliwogg’s Cakewalk (2:55)
9)    In early 1910 …  (3:30)
10)    Clair de lune (4:50)
11)    From the moment … (2:07)
12)    Pour les huit doigts (1:31)
13)    My publisher Durand … (3:26)
14)    L’isle joyeuse (5:58)

‘Rêverie’ is a musical compilation of Debussy’s piano works, writings and letters by pianist Lucy Parham featuring narration by actor Alex Jennings.  The programme first received its London premiere in the Wigmore Hall’s 2012 London Piano Series to great acclaim and features popular piano works, ‘L’isle joyeuse,’ ‘Clair de lune’ and ‘Golliwog’s Cakewalk’.

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