Purcell – The Fairy Queen (DXL 1120)



Under the artistic direction of Christopher Monks, Armonico Consort has gained a reputation for presenting Baroque and Renaissance music with informative and entertaining communication enabling audiences to feel part of an extraordinary musical experience.

Now Armonico Consort has taken its reputation for accessible, fun and exciting music to new heights with the establishment of Armonico Touring Opera. This CD is a recording from its inspired production of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen – a magical transportation utilising puppetry, acrobatics, comedy, music, song, dance and circus skills, which has been rapturously received by audiences and critics alike.
Performing on period instruments, the Orchestra of the Baroque also brings an authentic vibrancy to Purcell’s exquisite 17th century masterpiece.

Track List:

1) Symphony
2) Prelude and Song: Come all ye songsters of the sky
3) Scene of the Drunken Poet: Fill up the bowl
4) Song: See, even night her self is here
5) Song: One charming night
6) Song and Chorus: Hush, no more
7) Symphony while the swans come forward
8) Dialogue of Coridon and Mopsa: Now the maids and the men
9) Song and Chorus: If love’s a sweet passion
10) Hornpipe
11) Song and Chorus: Now the night is chac’d away
12) Duet: Let the fifes, and the clarions
13) Song: See my many colour’d fields
14) Song and Chorus: Next winter comes slowly
15) Chorus: Hail! Great parent of us all
16) Song: Yes, Xansi, in your looks I find
17) Song and Chorus: Hark the echoing air
18) Duet and Chorus: Sure the dull god of marriage
19) Song: See, see, I obey
20) Duet: Turn then thine eyes
21) Song: My torch, indeed
22) Trio: They shall be as happy
23) Chaconne: Dance for Chinese Man and Woman
24) Chorus: They shall be as happy

Taken from their inspired production of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen utilising featuring puppetry, acrobatics, comedy, music, song, dance and circus skills, the Armonico Consort are joined by Orchestra of the Baroque on this magical recording under the direction of Christopher Monks.

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