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Martin Roscoe is a versatile musician who endeavours always to serve the composer and the music. He is one of Britain’s most prolific recitalists and one of the most regularly played pianists on BBC Radio 3. He has recorded the complete piano music of Nielsen and Szymanowski and now, recording for the first time, the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas from Barry Cooper’s new edition, published by ABRSM for the Deux-Elles label.

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Funeral March (DXL 1164) Digital Booklet

Track List:

Piano Sonata in E major Op. 14 No. 1
1) Allegro
2) Allegretto
3) Rondo. Allegro comodo

Piano Sonata in G major Op. 14 No. 2
4) Allegro
5) Andante
6) Scherzo. Allego assai

Piano Sonata in B fl at major Op. 22
7) Allegro con brio
8) Adagio con molta espressione
9) Minuetto
10) Rondo. Allegretto

Piano Sonata in A fl at major Op. 26
11) Andante con Variazioni
12) Scherzo. Allegro molto
13) Marcia funebre sulla morte d’un Eroe
14) Allegro

“one of the truly great recordings of the Waldstein Sonata…perfect musical judgement and a formidable technique from Martin Roscoe” Waldstein, DXL 1162, BBC Radio 3

“Coloured perhaps by a personal fondness for Op. 10, I think Roscoe’s way with them is nigh-on perfect” Pathetique, (DXL 1161) , Gramophone Magazine, June 2010

“These are thoroughly musical performances, with particularly fine accounts of the slow movements… a welcome addition.”
Pathetique (DXL 1161), BBC Music Magazine, July 2010

Following the success of the first three volumes, we are delighted to present Funeral March – Volume 4 from Martin Roscoe’s new complete Beethoven Sonata series from Barry Cooper’s new edition, published by ABRSM.

“Roscoe doesn’t miss a trick. If I have a criticism, and I don’t think I have, it’s that he leaves nothing hidden in these marvellous works”  Funeral March, DXL 1164, BBC Music Magazine, November 2013 *****

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