Transformations (DXL 1195)



In their latest album, Transformations, the Amsterdam-based Ensemble Caméléon presents two fascinating chamber arrangements, both of beloved works from the orchestral repertoire, and both made within a few years of the originals. Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ symphony was arranged for string sextet by Beethoven’s contemporary, Michael Gotthard Fischer, in 1810. The Caméléons have added a double bass here for extra depth of sound. The septet version of Strauss’ Metamorphosen is based on Strauss’ own early draft for the 23-part version. Rediscovered in 1990, this septet version was completed and published by Rudolf Leopold. The result is a blend of delicacy and grandeur that combines the best elements of chamber and orchestral playing: deeply felt, exquisitely voiced, and beautifully recorded.

Transformations (DXL 1195) Digital Booklet

Ensemble Caméléon

Sonja van Beek and Joris van Rijn, violins
Joost Keizer and Joel Waterman, violas
Floris Mijnders and Johan van Iersel, cello
Wilmar de Visser double bass

Track List:

Symphony No. 6, ‘Pastorale’,
arr. Michael Gotthard Fischer (1773-1829)

1) Allegro ma non troppo (11:15)
2) Andante molto mosso (11:42)
3) Allegro (4:45)
4) Allegro (3:26)
5) Allegretto (8:55)

RICHARD STRAUSS, Metamorphosen
Chamber version by the composer

6) Metamorphosen (24:23)

Ensemble Caméléon, the only group of its kind in the Netherlands, was set up in 2002 by a group of principal string players from the leading Dutch symphony orchestras. Comprised of a string sextet plus double bass, the group works alongside leading composers, singers, instrumentalists, dancers and actors to create exciting and innovative programmes, blurring the lines between orchestral and chamber music, between standard repertoire and new music, and between music itself and other art forms.

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