Matthew Locke Complete Keyboard Works (DXL 1047)



Matthew Locke was one of the leading English composers of the mid-C17th and his music stands out for its bold treatment of musical ideas, clear melodic sense and unusual treatment of dissonance. His keyboard music occupies a very significant position in the development of both the keyboard suite and the English organ voluntary and represents the first flowerings of a truly baroque style in English music.

As a solo harpsichordist and chamber musician Terence Charlston has toured extensively within Europe, as well as to Japan and the USA. He is currently pursuing various recording projects with Deux-Elles, Channel Classics and BIS. Terence is a member of the ensemble London Baroque and teaches at the Royal Academy of Music. On this CD he plays the organ of Trinity College, Cambridge, two harpsichords and an English Virginals.


Track List

Melothesia 1673
1. Prelude
2. Saraband

Suite in C
3. Prelude
4. Almain
5. Corant
6. Gavott
7. Country Dance

Suite in G minor
8. Almain
9. Saraband
10. Virago
11 Roundo

Suite in C
12. Prelude
13. Almain
14. Corant
15. Saraband
16. Jig

Suite in D
17. Prelude
18. Almain
19. Corant
20. Saraband
21. Rant

Suite in D minor
22. Almain
23. Corant
24. Saraband
25. Horne Pipe

Musicks Hand-maide 1663/1678
26. The Cimmerians’ Dance
27. An Antic Dance
28. Alman in G
29. Saraband in G
30. Ayre in F
31. Saraband in F
32. Ayre in C
33. Saraband in C

The Present Practice of Musick Vindicated 1673
34. Almand for the violl in D minor
35. An Entry for the harpsicord in F

Manuscript sources
36. Almand in G
37. Pavan in D minor

Suite in D
38. Almand
39. Corant
40. Saraband
41. Corant in A minor
42. Apes’ Dance
43. The Bondman’s Dance
44. Ground in D

45-50 For the Organ

51. For the Double Organ

Manuscript sources
52. Prelude
53. Voluntary

Additional information

Terence Charlston

Harpsichord, Virginals, Organ

Matthew Locke