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A decade on since the release of the popular Debussy:Early Songs (DXL1052), Gillian Keith and Simon Lepper offer the next chapter in their Debussy chronicle, focusing on early songs inspired by the composer’s muse Marie-Blanche Vasnier, one of Moreau-Sainti’s students, who possessed a high and agile voice and who awakened Debussy’s musical and poetic instincts. She inspired no fewer than 29 of his early songs, seven of which are included on this disc.

This collection includes the world premiere recording of ‘Séguidille’ which was unpublished at the time of recording and other rarities such as ‘Les papillons’, ‘La fille aux cheveux de lin’, and ‘Flots, palmes, sables’.

Gillian Keith has emerged as one of Canada’s leading lyric sopranos. Her superb voice and musicianship are at home both on the opera stage and on the concert platform, making her one of the most stylish and versatile artists of her generation. A past winner of the prestigious Kathleen Ferrier Award, she has performed at the Royal Opera Covent Garden and in leading roles at opera houses around the world. As a concert artist she has a vast and varied repertoire, performing in festivals and venues great and small, far and wide.

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Debussy – Songs for his Muse (DXL 1154) Digital Booklet

Track List:

1. Fleur des blés (André Girod)
2. Beau soir (Paul Bourget)
3. Jane (Leconte de Lisle)
4. Caprice (Théodore de Banville)
5. Rondel chinois (Marius Dillard)
6. Les papillons (Théophile Gautier)
7. Rondeau (Alfred de Musset)
8. La fille aux cheveux de lin (Leconte de Lisle)
9. Romance (Maurice Bouchor)
10. L’archet (Charles Cros)
11. Flots, palmes, sables (Armand Renaud)
12. Le matelot qui tombe à l’eau (Maurice Bouchor)
13. Les elfes (Leconte de Lisle)
14. Séguidille (Théophile Gautier)

Ariettes oubliées (Paul Verlaine) :
15. C’est l’extase
16. Il pleure dans mon coeur
17. L’ombre des arbres
18. Chevaux de bois
19. Green
20. Spleen

Soprano Gillian Keith and pianist Simon Lepper present the next chapter in their Debussy chronicle with this collection of early songs inspired by Marie Blanche Vasnier – includes world premiere recording of ‘Séguidille’ and other rarities based on the poems of Paul Verlaine, Théophile Gautier, Maurice Bouchor and others.

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