We’re delighted to announce the release of a debut recording of the Brahms Cello Sonatas by cellist Kate Bennett Wadsworth and pianist Yi-heng Yang, using an original 1870 Streicher piano and based on the latest historical performance research into Brahms’ own playing style.

Kate notes, ‘what excites me about studying Brahms-era performing practice is that some of his most trusted colleagues lived long enough to make recordings, so it is possible to piece together written descriptions with actual sounds. Yi-heng and I were especially inspired by the recordings of Brahms’ younger female colleagues, many of whom scaled back their public performing careers after marriage and thus were able to preserve a style of playing untouched by the revolutions of the 20th century.’

To learn more about Kate and Yi-heng’s approach, visit The Brahms Lab on Facebook – or have a look at the new Bärenreiter edition of the Brahms Cello Sonatas, which Kate co-edited with Clive Brown and Neal Peres da Costa.

Now available for purchaseon this page

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