Round and Round (DXL 311)



These exciting new arrangements of children’s songs will capture the enthusiasm of all the family. The lively rhythms and sounds will spark the imagination , leaving children hooked and their parents foot-tapping.

The arrangements are not only great fun to listen to but also introduce children to a wide variety of musical styles in the context of songs with which they are already familiar. Some examples of the musical styles incorporated are:

English Light Classics
Early Music
American Hillbilly
Sea Shanty

Track List:

1. I wish I was a bird up in a tree
2. Tom he was a piper’s son
3. Bananas in Pyjamas
4. Bobby Shaftoe
5. I hear thunder
6. The animals went in two by two
7. Frog went a-courtin’
8. Cockles and mussels
9. Polly put the kettle on
10. The wheels on the bus
11. Doctor Foster
12. Stand on one leg
13. Drunken Sailor
14. Jamaica Farewell