Opus Number Zoo (DXL 1025)


Following their award winning disc of the music of Harrison Birtwistle, the Galliard Ensemble present this exciting new collection of twentieth century wind quintets – includes the premier recording of Carrapatoso’s Five Elegies.

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The Galliard Ensemble present this exciting new collection of twentieth century wind quintets featuring some of the well known highlights of the wind quintet repertoire as well as some less well known pieces, including a premier recording of Carrapatoso’s Five Elegies. The group’s sparkling performance of the Six Bagatelles has the benefit of direct input from Gyorgy Ligeti himself in preparatory sessions for this recording.

Berio’s Opus Number Zoo, which is both hilarious and moving at the same time, is a signature tune of this fine ensemble and demonstrates the groups energy, precision and liveliness in their playing which audiences the world over have come to know them for. This enthusiasm for their art pervades the rest of the disc’s performances bringing out the true vitality of these accessible C20th qunitets.

Track List:

Trois Pièces Brèves – Jacques Ibert
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegro scherzando

Opus Number Zoo – Luciano Berio
4. Barn Dance
5. The Fawn
6. The Grey Mouse
7. Tom Cats

Sechs Bagatellen – György Ligeti
8. Allegro con spirito
9. Rubato. Lamentoso
10. Allegro grazioso 11 Presto ruvido
12. Adagio. Mesto
13. Molto vivace. Capriccioso

Early Hungarian Dances – Ferenc Farkas
14. Intrada
15. Lassú (Slow Dance)
16. Lapockás Tánc (Shoulder-blade Dance)
17. Chorea
18. Ugrós (Leaping Dance)

Cinco Elegias – Eurico Carrapatoso
19. A Bartók
20. A Germaine Tailleferre
21. A Webern
22. A Messiaen
23. A Stravinsky

Kleine Kammermusik – Paul Hindemith
24. Lustig. Mässig schnelle Viertel
25. Walzer. Durchweg sehr leise
26. Ruhig und einfach. Achtel
27. Schelle Viertel
28. Sehr lebhaft

Dance Suite – Norman Hallam
29. Waltz
30. Bossa Nova
31. Quickstep
32. Charlston

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Jacques Ibert


Luciano Berio


György Ligeti


Ferenc Farkas


Eurico Carrapatoso


Paul Hindemith
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