Folias! Virtuoso guitar music of 17th Century on period instruments (DXL 1030)



This ‘original instruments’ CD of C17th virtuoso guitar music shows the baroque guitar as a solo instrument equal to its competitor at the time, the lute. The music is courtly and yet infused with Spanish passion. Many of these works are unique to this CD and provide an excellent opportunity for the instrument’s widely varying textures and styles of playing to be enjoyed.

Taro Takeuchi studied with Nigel North and is an internationally acclaimed performer and scholar who has done much to bring the baroque guitar into more widespread use in recent years.

Track List

1. Folias – Francesco Corbetta
2. Prelude and Chaconna- Francesco Corbetta

3. Pavanas, Una Jiga y Bailete – Gaspar Sanz
4. Espanoletas – Gaspar Sanz
5. Passacalles por la C – Gaspar Sanz
6. Clarines y Trompetas – Gaspar Sanz
7. La Cavalleria – Gaspar Sanz
8. Canciones – Gaspar Sanz
9. La Garzona – Gaspar Sanz
10. La Coquina Francesca – Gaspar Sanz
11. Lanturutu – Gaspar Sanz
12. La Esfachata de Portugal – Gaspar Sanz
13. La Minona de Calatuna – Gaspar Sanz
14. La Minina de Portugal – Gaspar Sanz
15. Dos Trompetas – Gaspar Sanz
16. Clarin de los Mosquetetos – Gaspar Sanz
17. Clarines y Trompetas – Gaspar Sanz
18. Canarios – Gaspar Sanz
19. Folias – Gaspar Sanz

Suite in G with continuo – Nicola Matteis
20. Preludeio
21.0 Aria
22. Aria II
23. Aria III

Suite in C – Nicolas Derosier/Francesco Corbetta
24. Allemande
25. Courante
26. Air
27. Chacone

28. Folies d’Espagne – Francois Le Cocq

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Taro Takeuchi


Reiko Ichise

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